About Skillogical

What is Skillogical?

Skilllogical is a cloud-based tool that integrates, manages and analyses information to inform people development decision-making processes. The system integrates various data sources, including Excel and in-house HR systems, to combine all people development, filter and file it correctly and transform it in usable and insightful information. This cloud based solution is not a rip and replace solution, but rather an add-on that enhances the training and development functions that a company already has in place. Skillogical does not compete with existing HR systems and processes. It was designed to integrate existing ways of monitoring and managing the development of people or to introduce processes and tools if they do not exist.

Will Skillogical work for me?

The Skilllogical process and tools describes and confirms employees’ required output, identifies skills needs and manages the development of the skills. Skillogical provides a company with the ability to manage investment in people by creating a clear picture of

  • Who the employees are that companies should invest in
  • What the people investment or training should look like
  • Whether there is a return on the investment

Key features

Everything you need under one platform


Choose from a range of options to align the system to company specific requirements. Options range from user access to the format for Job Profiles


Record research on skills, and other job related information directly on the system. Reference data is updated, ready for use in profiles and learning identification processes

Organisation Profile

Upload source data to load employee information, there is thus no interface requirements with in-house, existing systems. Refresh employee information by re-uploading a spreadsheet

Job Profile

Use research information to define Organisation specific job profiles


Conduct surveys using the customised format and the profile information.

Employee Profile

Generate IDPs based on survey and uploaded information. The IDP information is used to inform the WSP/ATR Report

Training Need Analysis

Define identified in-house and outsourced learning programmes to address identified training needs and record learning - this information informs the WSP/ATR Report

Workplace Skill Plan

Generate WSP/ATR based on the information that was managed in the cloud.

Business Intelligence

Analyse the Training and Development information per Business Unit or for the complete organisation, generate management reports

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